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河南快3开奖结果 www.tonbe.cn PART I Structure and Vocabulary (10% )

Directions: There are 20 incomplete sentences in this part.For eachsentence there are four choices marked A,B, C and D. Choose the ONEanswer thatbestCompletes the sentence. Then blacken the correspondingletter on the Answer Sheet with a pencil.

1 . He didn´t seem to mind ___________ TV while he was trying to study.

A. their watching

B. them watch

C. they watching

D. them to watch It is said that more than one person in this department ___________ going to lose his job.

A. are

B. were

C. will

D. is When she ___________ all the magazines, she´ll come back home .

A. has sold

B. will sell

C. sell

D. would sellThemanufacturer claimed that this engine is ___________ the Previous one.

A. as twice pOwerfd8S

B. powerful as twice as

C. twice powerful as

D.twice as powerfu1 as Nowhere else in the world________________ more attractive scenery thanin Switzerland.

A. are found

B. have been found

C. you can find

D. can you find

6. 1f he had not been ill yesterday, he ________to class.

A. go

B. would go

C. would have gone

D. went

7. __________ science and technology he1p the society to progress is a fact accepted by most people.

A. Modern

B. That modern

C. There modern

D. It is modern

8. ________ one of the leading novelists in America,Amy Taylor has also written a number of poems and plays.

A. Considered

B. Considering

C. Having considered

D. Been considered

9. The streets are all wet. 1t_________during the night。

A. must be raining

B. had to rain

C. must have rained

D. had rained

10. England´s chief exports are coa1, cars and cotton goods,cars _______the most important of these.

A. have been

B. are

C. be

D. being

11. Everything was so expensive during the war that it was Hardly __________to save a penny.


B. feasible


D. possible

12.The automation has made it possible to_______ great changes in dustry。。

A. bring about

B. bring down

C. bring out

D.bring up

13.The police stopped him because he_____ the traffic regulation.

A. damaged

B. destroyed

C. broke

D. corrupted

14.All too________ it was time to go back to school after the glorioussummer holidays.

A. fast

B. soon

C. quick

D. often

15.The chief manager refused to_________ on the rumor that he was going to retire.

A. explain

B. comment

C. speak

D. talk

16.Mr·Brown gradual1y_________aknowledge of the subject.

A. required

B. inquired

C. achieved

D. acquired

17.If I am not _________ when you come to my office,ask for my secretary.

A. suitab1e

B. available

C. comfortable

D. proper

18.peasants supp1y workers with food, and workers________ supply peasants with manufactured goods.

A. in turn

B. by turn

C.for return

D.by return

19.Let´s go out during the break to_________ our legs。

A. stretch

B. expand

C. move

D. extend

20.I have just___________abeautiful poem in that little book.

A. come to

B. come through

C. come across

D. come up

PART Ⅱ Reading Comprehension (50%)

Section A

Directions :There are 4 passages in this part.Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. For each them of them are for choices marked A , B, c and D. You should decide on the best choice and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a pencil.

Questions 21 to 24 are based on the following passage :

Americans like to do business without leaving their cars. You´ll see drive-in banks,drive-in restaurants, drive-in churches and drive-in movies.

When driving in the U.S., it´s a good idea to have an international river´s license if you don´t have a state license. Each of the fifty states has its own traffic laws。 Get information when you cross the border into a state at a tourist information center.

There is a national speed limit of 55 miles per hour. Americans are generally polite about letting cars enter busy streets. They usually stopfor people who are walking to let them cross the street. In many states you may turn right after stopping at a corner, even if there is a red light. On some roads there may be a minimum speed.

If you rent a car, ask the company what to do in case your car breaksdown. Some companies will ask you to call a special number. Others will want you to have the ´car repaired. They will partly deduct the cost of the repair from your bill.

Mileage´´ can mean two things. It may mean the total number of miles a car has been driven. We say “This car only has 10, 000 miles on it; ithas low mileage.” On the other hand, “gas mileage” is the number of miles a car can travel on one U. S. gallon of gas. For example, a big car

hat gets 25 miles to the gallon gets very good mileage. A small economy car should get at least 35 miles to the gallon when it´s new.

21. If you have a state driver´s license,_________ .

A. you can drive anywhere in the U. S.

B. you don´t have to apply for an international driver´s license

C. You cannot across the border in a car

D. you must know the traffic laws of another state before you enter it .

22. If your rented car breaks down, some companies will ____________.

A. for you with free telephone service

B. pay you a certain amount of your total cost of the repair

C. pay you the total cost of the repair

D. send workers to repair the car

23.“An economy car”here may refer to a car that ____________.

A. can be bought at a rather low price

B. is easy to operate

C. uses only a small amount of gas per mile

D. is special1y designed for a small fami1y

24.Which of the following statements is true?

A. Americans are usually willing to wait for another car to enter busy streets.

B. Americans car do anything without leaving their cars.

C. American drivers can ignore a red light when they want to turn right.

D. Americans can drive at 55 miles per hour everywhere in their country.

Questions 25 to 28 are based on the following passage :

There are robots all around us, Some do very complicated jobs like flying airplanes and driving subway trains。 And some do a simple job.

When an automatic washing machine is switched on,water pours in. Themachine waits until the water is hot before washing the clothes. It does this by“feedback.”Information about What is happening is“feedback”into the robot to te11 it what to do next.

Our eyes, ears and other senses are our feedback. They tell us whatis going on around us. So robots are like people in two ways,They work and they have feedback.

There are robots all around, making our lives easier. Some of them,like the pocket calculator, can work much more quick1y than human beingscan. And they rarely make mistakes.

In some ways robots are better than people. They work quick1y, but do not make mistakes, They do not get bored doing the same job over andover again。 And they never get tired.

Robots are very useful in factories. They can be taught to do many different jobs. First their electronic brains must be shown how the job is done. A person moves the robot´s“arm” and“hand”through each part of the job. The robot´s brain remembers each move。 When the robot is put to work on its own, its brain controls the rods, wheels and motors which move its arm.

When the robot is needed for a new job, its electronic memory is“wiped clean.”Then it is taught how to do its new task.

If the robot´s hand stops working, or if something gets in the way, it cannot do the next part of the job.So it stops and signals for help,Then a human engineer repairs it.

The most“intelligent”robots can move and see. Their eyes are cameras. Their metal fingers can feel shapes and even find out how hot and cold objects are. These robots have computer brains,linked to their eyes and fingers, which control their actions.

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